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When were the books of the bible written?

The following list arranges the books of the Bible according to their most probable dates. Old Testament Job–Unknown Genesis–1445-1405 B.C. Exodus –1445-1405 B.C. Leviticus –1445-1405 B.C. Numbers–1445-1405 B.C. Deuteronomy–1445-1405 B.C. Psalms–1410-450 B.C. Joshua–1405-1385 B.C. Judges–ca. 1043 B.C. Ruth–ca. 1030-1010 B.C. … Continue reading

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Why can we trust the Bible?

Taken from WHY YOU CAN BELIEVE THE BIBLE It is the history of the Bible that makes it unique among ‘sacred texts.’ See who wrote the Bible, how it’s reportive style is backed by archeology and historians… History of the … Continue reading

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